Here you will find insights. 

Insights into yourself, others and Christ.

Self-awareness is a fundamental precursor to understanding others.

Together, they form the fundamentals of Empathy and Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a key skill in building relationships with others.

Building relationships enables us to see God’s personality that He has sprinkled amongst us.

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We have a passion for building the Bride of Christ, the Church.

A prerequisite for discipleship is to have genuine, open honest relationships.   Our course facilitates this.

Effective teams need to understand how individuals complement each other.   Our course provides such understanding.

Great Leaders need to understand how to effectively engage with everyone.    Our course will equip you to get the best from others.

Our approach is new, yet is based on 60 years of tried and tested development of understanding, of how God uniquely made each one of us.

Our courses are people focussed, non-judgemental and make it safe for people to share.

Our dream is that people learn to love, honour and value each other as Christ loves, honours and values us.