Discipleship Advanced Course Modules

Once you have built stronger trusting relationships.

Then it is time to tackle the more challanging topics.

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 Advanced modules:-


Insights into your prayer life. (How to match your prayer life to your personality)


The impact of your personality on Forgiving. ( And how others can help you)


How you can best share your faith. (And some things that hold you back)


How you personality colours your approach to giving.


How you react to financial stress. ( And who can best help you)


How to get the best out of you. (Things where you can shine)


Your unhelpful behaviour. (Areas you can work on)



Colin Shewry, founder and Director of Insightsfor… has a pastoral heart that longs to encourage, nurture and delights in the growth of others; a compassionate heart that cares and has a strong motivation to help and bless people.

Colin originally trained as a general Nurse and worked in many General Management roles within the NHS as well as Director of an NHS Trust.  He has also worked in a food distribution company and as a management consultant.

Colin became Christian 36 years ago and since that time he has served the Church in many roles, including tea-making Treasurer, Trustee, Pastoral support, and  as a Church Elder.

For the last 10 years Colin has taken his mentoring, team building and general management experience into the private sector.  He has worked with individuals and teams as a personal coach in a variety of settings, working with conflict resolution, personal development, coaching and consultancy.  Colin remains a Director of a commercial IT consultancy.

Through all of this Colin testifies to seeing God’s Grace in action.  “The last 36 years have had their share of ups and downs, yet consistently through the whole time God has shown His Grace.”

Colin states “the most significant learning for me has been in understanding that God made each of us unique and different.  These differences, that often drive us apart, are the same differences that complement us, if we only knew it.”

In 2004 Colin was introduced to the Birkman Method® which powerfully and accurately describes and articulates many of the personal characteristics that God built into each one of us, each one of us unique.

The Birkman Method® has been a significant blessing to people, which was enhanced when Birkman International launched Dynamas Resources, a Christian version of the Birkman Method®, aimed at individuals, teams and leaders in the Church.
With the active support and encouragement of the Birkman organisation, Colin has developed supplementary material to bring the Dynamas Ministry Leadership resources to an English Christian audience.



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Being Yourself in Jesus and He's Being Himself in you.



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